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parallel connecting box AP-PCB 4B-1L

AP-PCB 4B-1L 30-120A charging and discharging current

AP-PCB 4B-1L Parallel connecting Box Parallel connecting Box of 4 batteries with common connector for charging or discharging. Each up to 30 A max.

Overview of the most important features:

This Interconnection box facilitates parallel connections of 1- 4 Batteries to charger or to devices.

'Multi' Battery common connections, with parallel connections between 1-4 Batteries (each up to 30 A max.) with common connector for charging or discharging (up to 120 A max).
Housing Dimensions: 191 x 125 x 90mm


Technical Details:
  • Protection class: IP 66
  • Charging Current: max. 30A
  • Discharging Current: max. 30A
  • Before connecting the batteries in parallel as 'pairs', make sure that the batteries have the same voltage level (the maximum voltage difference between the batteries must be below 3 Volt).
  • Maximum Current per circuit 30 Ampere.
  • Please pay attention to the correct polarity, as wrong polarity can lead to short circuit, overheating, fire and explosion.
  • Make sure that the contacts are clean and undamaged (plugs with signs of wear or mechanical damage must be replaced)
Material / Software
Specifications (english) AccuPower Specification PCB4B1

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