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AccuPower NiMH Micro 1200mAh


AccuPower Micro/AAA with 1200mAh Power
The ideal voltage source for your mp3 player, digicam etc.
Because of high capacity, this cell stands for power and readiness for action.

AP1200AccuPower rechargeable NiMH-batteries:

  • high capacity and long life cycle, up to 1000x rechargeable
  • stable capacity
  • ideal for high current use
  • very low internal resistance
  • high, stable voltage level
  • fast rechargeable
  • no memory-effect
  • no cadmium, environmentally friendly
  • 1,2 Volt Technology

The new fast rechargeable High-Power NIMH-batteries with high capacity for applications like digital-cameras, portable appliances, disc-player, electronic toys, GPS and similar applications, etc.

Maximum AccuPower for all applications, like industry, job, hobby, holiday, etc.

Technical details
System: NiMH
Voltage: 1,2 Volt
Capacity: 1200 mAh
Size: Micro / AAA / LR03 / UM4 / HR-4UTG


Specifications AP-1200 Datasheet


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