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AccuMotion eMobility

Battery-powered electric carriage

Installed was our flexible battery system which is based on lithium-ion technology . This system can be connected seriell and / or parallel to achieve the desired to achieve voltage and capacity. The advantages of our lithium-ion system consist in that they have a lower weight in comparison to lead- systems, voltage are more stable and have a lower self-discharge. The lithium cells are protective electronics against overcharge, Overcurrent , overheating and undervoltage protection. This leads to a prolongation of the service life. Our battery systems are certified UN transport test. Individual customer requests are no problem , as these battery packs be tailored to customer specifications at our headquarters. This system is its creative projects no more obstacles.

Batteries for Sports

Conception of the battery confection:

Akkus für Extremsport

Akkus für Extremsport

Akkus für Extremsport

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