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Experts in mobile energy

Our passion is the research, development and manufacture of innovative and environmentally friendly products.

Are you working on a project and looking for a suitable energy supply? Then we are the right contact for you.
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Services & Competencies

Learn more about our special solutions in the fields of industry, medical technology, sports and many more.
Services & Competencies

Completed projects

Our aim is to meet your requirements. Here you can get an insight into projects that have already been finalized.

News & Events

Here you will find current topics in the field of battery and charging technology. Stay up to date.
News & Events

From prototype to series production

We assemble the first prototype, plan the serial production, check the quality and take care of the safe worldwide shipping - you get everything from one source.

Development of special solutions

Immerse yourself in our production process and expand your knowledge of the complex production of mobile energy sources. Our technicians will give you a look over their shoulders.
Development of special solutions

Research & Development

We are specialized in designing battery packs for every room, no matter if it is the cool Alps in winter or if you leave the globe and want to realize a project in space - our battery packs work in every room without compromise!
Research & Development

Knowledge transfer

Mobile energy sources are a highly complex topic and the knowledge required to use them is correspondingly extensive, which is why we have put together the most important topics for you.
Knowledge transfer

Battery pack development

If you have not found a suitable battery for your project in our product range, you can develop your own battery pack using our battery development form!
Battery pack development

Knowledge transfer

In order to share our know-how with you we have created the knowledge transfer page, so you can expand your knowledge base.
Knowledge transfer

Services & competences

Learn more about our special solutions in the fields of industry, medical technology, sports and many more.
Services & Competencies

Research & Development

Our main area of activity is first and foremost research and then the development of new marketable products.
Research & Development

Development of charging systems

Our all-round service also includes the design and programming of all types of chargers. We develop special solutions exactly according to your requirements.
Development of special solutions

Leistungen & Kompetenzen

Wir durch­laufen bei der Konfek­tion unserer Akku­packs einen umfang­rei­chen Quali­täts­si­che­rungs­pro­zess, um einen höheren Sicher­heits­stan­dard zu erzielen.
Development of special solutions

Forschung & Entwicklung

Zu unserem Haupt­tä­tig­keits­be­reich zählt in erster Linie die Forschung und in weiterer Folge die Entwick­lung von neuen markt­fä­higen Produkten.
Research & Development


Da Wissen nur durch verar­bei­tete Infor­ma­tionen entsteht, haben wir Ihnen auf unserer Wissens­trans­fer­seite aller­hand Infor­ma­tionen zum Thema Akku zusam­men­ge­tragen.
Knowledge transfer

The battery and charging technology expert for individual project solutions

From prototypes to serial production, from small to large series, we are at your side as a partner with strong consulting skills and as a producer if required.


Our Passion

Our passion is the research, development and manufacture of innovative and environmentally friendly products. 
Our ambition is to offer you the best possible advice & support in the implementation of your project: From development to series production. 
We stand for quality, reliability and cooperation in partnership. 
Your personal wishes are always our top priority and your feedback is naturally included in our quality management, because your satisfaction is our top priority throughout the entire process.

Our vision

Our vision for the future is based on constant, yet sustainable growth. In order to guarantee a permanently high level of quality, it is necessary in the long term to protect the resources of the environment. 
That is why we are constantly expanding our knowledge of energy-efficient technologies and also take care of both the safe transport and proper disposal of sensitive product materials. 
In product development we focus on durable materials and environmentally friendly packaging.

Our success

The majority of our success is based on the experience we have gained in the course of our 20-year company history. 
Based on this experience, we eventually developed an increasingly distinctive expertise in the field of battery and charging technology.
Today, we distinguish ourselves in particular through high-quality high-tech products with a good price-performance ratio, which are now used worldwide in mobile power supply and on which numerous well-known customers place their trust.

Join the AccuPower team

If you want to develop your full potential, if you are a technology enthusiast and want to work on high-tech, future-oriented technologies - join the Accu Power Team.

Please send your application with CV and photo to

Battery development and special designs with 20 years of know-how


Innovation instead of exploitation of raw materials

To our main field of activity
first and foremost it is research that counts
and in further consequence the development
of new marketable products. 


Control instead of mass production

Quality, innovation, service and satisfied customers are our highest priority. 
To prove this, we have held ISO 9001:2015 certification for several years.

Our team

Expertise and know-how

Our team consists of competent employees, who always try to find a tailor-made solution for you and in special cases also offer you suitable alternatives. In order to train the team in the best possible way in this respect, we pay special attention to the transfer of knowledge in order to convey the expertise and the high quality standards that distinguish the company "AccuPower".

Our company history

The founder and managing director Mr. Ing. Issam Al-Abassy acquired an extensive technical know-how in the field of battery and charging technology and gained many years of experience before he finally founded the company.

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Your contact persons

Ing. Issam Al-Abassy

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Jürgen Matzer
Sales manager

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David Gradwohl
Project coordinator

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Patrick Otipka
Technical Administrator

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