On Thursday, September 17th, 2020, AccuPower owner Ing. Issam Al-Abassy together with AccuPower Hazardous Goods & Fire Protection Officer David Gradwohl attended the 21st April Symposium 2020 of the BFA Brandschutzforum Austria as a speaker of the main event on the topic "Fire and Disaster Protection in the new Millennium".

For the 21st time already, the April symposium, which had to be postponed to September due to Corona, took place this year at Novapark in Graz. This is an innovative event that brings together recognized experts from Austria and Germany to discuss and examine future fire protection in their home countries, taking into account current developments in the European Union.

Ing. Issam Al-Abassy gave a lecture on the topic "Lithium-Ion-Batteries on the test bench". Contents of the lecture were, among other things, effective protective measures and damage prevention as well as a reflection of our fire protection exercise during controlled fire tests with our lithium safe in cooperation with the Fire Protection Forum Austria.

Summary of the presentation"Lithium-Ion-Batteries on the test bench - effective protective measures and damage prevention - What is the next step? - Fire tests":

Due to their high energy density, lithium-ion batteries are used in millions of devices today. They are small, light and provide 3 to 4 times the amount of energy of previous battery systems. But the energy density also creates a lot of dangers. Therefore it is important to know potential sources of danger and to reduce them to a minimum. Preventive fire protection measures should already be considered in the development phase. At AccuPower, the many years of experience and know-how in this area are incorporated into every project.
Many potential causes of fire in lithium-ion batteries can be reduced to a tolerable level through simple measures. This includes, for example, the correct design of the battery pack and the use of protective electronics, the trained transport of hazardous goods, but also the correct storage and handling.

Due to the ever-increasing growth of e-mobility, the impact of the increasing amount of batteries of different chemical systems on the environment is also becoming an increasingly important issue. 
Meanwhile, there are suitable recycling processes that allow batteries and accumulators to be professionally reused and help to reduce the burden on the environment.
However, the success of the recycling systems depends strongly on the awareness of the consumers and the correct waste separation.
Nevertheless, we still face a big challenge in the field of e-mobility, where batteries that only have 60-70% of their original capacity are often considered obsolete. Such batteries can be used as "2nd life storage" in other areas, e.g. in stationary systems or photovoltaic systems for 5 to 8 years. This in turn relieves the environment, as no production of new batteries is necessary for these areas.

Finally, Ing- Al-Abassy reported on the in-depth fire protection measures that AccuPower has carried out together with the Fire Protection Forum Austria at the training area of the Fire Brigade and Civil Protection School Styria in Lebring - St. Margarethen. In addition to AccuPower employees, Dr. Otto Widetscheck, ABI Ernst Ulz and well-known experts took part in this event. 
During this exercise, an AccuPower lithium safe was filled with lithium-ion batteries with a total capacity of 7,250 Wh and set on fire in a controlled manner. The knowledge gained from this exercise will be incorporated into the further development of the AccuPower Lithium Safe.

21. Aprilsymposion AccuPower