In November and December 2019 the company AccuPower carried out fire tests with lithium-ion cells in cooperation with the Brandschutzforum Austria. In particular, the fire behaviour of the batteries was investigated by temperature and flame exposure from outside in the Lithium Safe, which was especially designed for the storage of lithium-ion.
Since preventive fire protection is becoming more and more important during the storage and transport of lithium batteries, AccuPower tested the special Lithium Safe within the scope of in-depth fire protection exercises in order to gain insights for the further development of the Lithium Safe.

On December 2nd, another lithium fire safety test was successfully carried out in a prototype of the safe under the supervision of renowned experts of the fire department and civil school in Lebring.
For this purpose, various battery packs with a total capacity of 7250 Wh were set on fire simultaneously inside the safe.
The knowledge gained will now be incorporated into the further development of the lithium safe to ensure the highest possible safety standard.

The test showed that the lithium-ion cells can burst at temperatures as low as 250°C and release a large amount of decomposition gases. At a temperature of 600°C and higher, the cells burn in a chain-like pattern.
The Lithium Safe, specially designed for the storage of lithium cells, has a pipe feed with nozzles through which cooling water can be introduced. By flooding the burning battery cells, the fire was quickly brought under control.