Environment and disposal 

Disposal of old batteries and old chargers

At AccuPower, we are increasingly focusing on the separate collection of used batteries and waste electrical and electronic equipment in order to ensure optimum resource conservation and subsequently prevent potential environmental damage.

As a customer, you therefore have the opportunity to return old batteries or old chargers that you have purchased from us free of charge. 
Batteries or chargers purchased elsewhere can also be disposed of to the extent of a new purchase from AccuPower (see § 13 EAG-VO).

Bildergebnis für durchgestrichene mülltonne

Please note that this symbol on electrical and electronic equipment means that it must not be disposed of with household waste! 
For safety reasons a separate collection is obligatory here!



Environmental protection at AccuPower

AccuPower is very much aware of its social responsibility and always strives to do so,
according to the current state of science, to contain damage that could affect the human organism as well as flora and fauna by means of the most modern scientific achievements.

This is done, among other things, through the following measures:


  • Minimization of transport distances: By means of collective transports for the delivery of purchased parts.
  • Environmentally friendly product design: Reusable designed protection electronics / electronic boards and use of RoHS compliant materials to avoid environmentally harmful substances. 
  • Optimization of the measuring equipment used with regard to energy consumption.
  • AccuPower user manuals with safety and disposal instructions for safe product use.
  • Detailed product descriptions on the AccuPower website including documentation on hazardous materials.
  • Environmentally friendly packaging: The outer packaging of the chargers is made of cardboard and the inner packaging is more easily degradable than ordinary plastic.
  • Extension of life cycles: Through the use of intelligent chargers with optimized charging technology and electronic monitoring, and in the event of service (if possible): Repair instead of disposal for reuse by the customer.
  • Possibility to return used batteries and chargers purchased from AccuPower.



Our batteries for the measuring equipment for the exhaust gas test method

Cars that are newly registered must undergo a new exhaust emission test procedure according to the European standard (WLTP).
Our AccuPower 7S4P lithium batteries are now used in the equipment for the new exhaust emission test procedure.

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