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In addition to awarding diploma theses, our company regularly acts as a sponsoring partner with a regional focus on the education sector with non-cash contributions in the form of self-developed high-tech accumulators.


Batteries for space: The "Beetle Rover" project of TU Graz 

At the special seminar of the Graz University of Technology, we made our batteries (AP 1466 14.4V/6.6Ah) available for the "Beetle Rover Project" in cooperation with the Austrian Space Forum.

The goal of the seminar group was to build a mobile robot (rover) that is suitable for uneven terrain and then to program it so that it is capable of performing simple tasks relevant to the exploration of the Martian surface.
On January 30, 2019, the final presentation of the robot called "Beetle" took place at the TU Graz and finally the students successfully demonstrated its functionality at the ÖWF Mars Yard.


Batteries for the world champion

With our batteries (AP 2510 lithium-ion 25.2V/10.4Ah), Team GRIPS was able to secure the world championship title in the RoboCup Logistics League in Canada 2018.
The international RoboCup community aims to promote the development of intelligent robots through competitions.
The idea is the intelligent networking of processes and machines in production processes in order to make them more efficient and also to achieve greater individualization of products.

In the past, support was provided for example:

  • Raceyard (Formula Student Team of the University of Applied Sciences Kiel)

  • The TERA Association at the TU Graz

  • The Racing Team of TU Graz

  • TUW-Racing (racing team of the TU Vienna)

  • The Austrian Space Forum