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AccuMotion Extender - Mobile power station

AccuPower AccuMotion Extender - Mobile power supply: Designed with the highest quality and most modern safety standards, the specially developed electronics built into the battery protect the battery against overcharging, deep discharge, short circuit and is equipped with monitoring of the individual cells and temperature.

New battery pack with higher capacity and load capacity
The new battery pack Lithium-Ion AP7S13P, 25.2V / capacity 37700 mAh / for a continuous load of 40A, designed with the latest version of protection electronics.

AccuMotion Extender - Mobile power supply
AccuMotion Extender incl. 4x AP7S13P Lithium Ion high-performance battery packs.
with approx. 37.7Ah each, total capacity over 150 Ah, total power approx.: 3905 Wh,
Assembled in a high-quality robust case (case type: PELI 1520)

The batteries are enclosed in aluminium shells (provides increased fire safety) and are fixed in place so as to be vibration-proof.

With high-quality Lemo push-pull plug and protective cover
The plugs are approved for a continuous load of 72A (optional 120A)

With a further plug for interface communication of the type: this enables the monitoring of the battery data of individual batteries as well as the whole group.

Safety on &amp, off switch function.

Lateral mounting rail for universal mounting option (e.g.: tensioning strap etc)

Protection class IP54

Flexible interior design enables 1-4 batteries to be fitted

Short overview / Features AccuPower Lithium battery:

  • Higher energy density
  • Very low self-discharge
  • Long service life
  • Intelligent protection electronics with single cell monitoring
  • Short circuit proof

Suitable for all applications including

  • industry
  • Medical Technology
  • Measurement technology
  • and all mobile power supply applications
AccuMotion Extender - Mobile power station
AccuMotion Extender - Mobile power station
AccuMotion Extender - Mobile power station
AccuMotion Extender - Mobile power station
technical features
  • capacity: 150800mAh
  • voltage: 25,9V
  • accu type: Battery pack
  • accu chemistry: Lithium ion (Li-Ion)
  • dimension: 49,9x39,4x29,6mm
  • main group: Batteries
  • subgroup: Lithium
  • dangerous goods: Yes
  • product weight: 29,600kg
  • item number: 41259
  • manufacturer designation: AMEX_1x4_AP7S13P