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AccuPower AccuLoop AL4500-2 C/Baby/LR20 battery Ready2Use 2 pcs.

AccuPower AccuLoop C/Baby - with very low self-discharge
NiMH+ AccuPower AccuLoop rechargeable battery are delivered almost full charged.

  • 2 pieces C/Baby/LR14 battery with capacity of 4500mAh
  • AccuLoop ALSX - AccuPower Self-Discharge X-tension
  • Ready to use = comes pre-charged, very low self-discharge (approx. 2% per month)
  • suitable for nearly all battery applications, very high performance up to 4500mAh

AccuPower AccuLoop NIMH+ batteries

  • very low self-discharge, ideal as replacement for disposable batteries
  • high capacity and life expectancy, up to 1000x rechargeable
  • fast rechargeable, stable capacity (energy yield), ideal for high current use
  • very low internal resistance, high, stable voltage level, no memory effect
  • environmentally friendly, no cadmium, 1,2 Volt Technology

AccuLoop rechargeable NIMH-batteries are specially designed to hold charge during long idle situations. Meaning that your flashlights will still shine bright even after months of storage.

technical features
  • capacity: 4500mAh
  • voltage: 1,2V
  • accu type: C Baby LR14
  • accu chemistry: Nickel metal hydride (NiMH)
  • dimension: 50x25,5mm
  • series: AccuLoop
  • main group: Batteries
  • subgroup: Ni-MH
  • dangerous goods: No
  • product weight: 0,167kg
  • transport packaging: 6,94g
  • plastic packaging: 9g
  • paper packaging: 13,08g
  • item number: 7571
  • manufacturer designation: AL4500-2