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AccuPower AP6000-2 battery, Baby/LR14 NiMH

AccuPower Baby/LR14 AP6000-2 consisting of 2 cells
1.2 Volt, NiMH-rechargeable battery, Baby/C/LR14 with an unbelievable capacity of 6000mAh

The new fast rechargeable High-Power NIMH-batteries with high capacity for applications like Digital-Cameras, portable appliances, disc-player, electronic toys, GPS and similar applications, etc.

Record-braking: In fact of 2Ah discharge current, you can still reach the capacity of 6000mAh. This cell has currently the maximum capacity in its overall size. Therefore, AP6000-1 is the ideal partner for professional application.

AccuPower rechargeable NiMH-batteries:

  • high capacity and long life cycle, up to 1000x rechargeable
  • stable capacity, ideal for high current use
  • very low internal resistance
  • high, stable voltage level
  • fast rechargeable
  • no memory-effect
  • deep discharge predection
  • no cadmium, environmentally friendly
  • 1,2 Volt Technology

AccuPower rechargeable NIMH-batteries are particulary designed for high capacity and stable voltage performance during long discharge cycles. Suitable for all applications, where long operation times are necessary or expected.

Maximum AccuPower for all applications, like industry, job, hobby, holiday, etc.

Advice: We recommend the fast-chargers AccuManager10 or AccuManager20 for charging your batteries, because these devices give your cells a maximum of power. In addition, the memory-effect can be avoided in new batteries and overridden in older ones.

technical features
  • capacity: 6000mAh
  • voltage: 1,2V
  • accu type: C Baby LR14
  • accu chemistry: Nickel metal hydride (NiMH)
  • dimension: 25,5x50mm
  • series: Digital Power
  • main group: Batteries
  • subgroup: Ni-MH
  • dangerous goods: No
  • product weight: 0,168kg
  • transport packaging: 6,94g
  • plastic packaging: 9g
  • paper packaging: 10g
  • item number: 6821
  • manufacturer designation: AP6000-2