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AccuPower Li-Ion batterypack 1S2P 3,7V 4,4Ah 16,28Wh

AccuPower 1S2P 3,6V/3,7V 4,4Ah Lithium Battery: Designed with highest quality and most modern safety standards, the specially developed electronics built into the battery protects the battery against overcharge, deep discharge, short circuit and is equipped with a monitoring of the single cells and temperature.

The battery can be used universally and is characterized by a high energy density.

Short overview / Features AccuPower Lithium Battery:

  • Higher energy density
  • Very low self-discharge
  • Low weight
  • Long service life
  • Intelligent protection electronics with single cell monitoring
  • Short-circuit proof

Suitable for all areas of application, e.g. industry, medical technology, measurement technology and all mobile power supply applications


AccuPower Li-Ion batterypack 1S2P 3,7V 4,4Ah 16,28Wh
technical features
  • capacity: 4400mAh
  • voltage: 3,7V
  • accu type: Battery pack
  • accu chemistry: Lithium ion (Li-Ion)
  • dimension: 18,65x36,8x68,5mm
  • plug: Cable
  • main group: Batteries
  • subgroup: Lithium
  • dangerous goods: Yes
  • product weight: 0,092kg
  • item number: 80003376
  • manufacturer designation: APST1S2P