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AccuPower Switching Box for Charge and Discharge for 4 independent batteries

AccuPower AP-4C2WBSB Switching box: AccuPower Switching box for charging and discharging four independent batteries with 30A charge &amp, discharge current per channel.

The most important features at a glance:

Three-position switch for switching between the following switching levels:

  • 1st stage: DISCHARGE (DISCH)
    4 batteries are connected to 4 independent consumers.
  • 2nd stage: OFF
    4 batteries are switched to the neutral position, thus no function is active.
  • 3rd stage: CHARGE (CHG)
    4 batteries are connected to 4 independent charging terminals and charged.
technical features
  • dimension: 271x170x120mm
  • main group: Accessories
  • subgroup: Connectors
  • dangerous goods: No
  • item number: 37701
  • manufacturer designation: AP-4C2WBSB