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Lithium Safe for safe keeping and storage of lithium cells

The Lithium Safe, specially designed for the storage of lithium cells and batteries (separate fire compartment / increased fire resistance).

Lithium Safe for safe keeping and storage of lithium batteries

The AccuPower Lithium Safe was specially designed for the safe storage of lithium batteries and cells and offers optimum protection in the event of a fire.

The Lithium Safe (storage cabinet) for lithium cells and batteries has a special pipe feed with nozzles through which cooling water can be supplied in the event of a fire. This allows the burning lithium batteries and cells to be extinguished inside the Lithium Safe.

Thus, the Lithium Safe offers ideal protection for your storage room, sales rooms or for winter storage of your batteries. A Lithium Safe not only provides additional fire protection, but also forms its own fire compartment. The lithium safe has already been successfully tested in an emergency, see for yourself in our impressive video.

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As part of a preventive fire drill, we subjected our AccuPower Lithium Safe to an endurance test. This resulted in a video of what happens to lithium batteries that catch fire.

Burnt lithium cells after complete extinguishing in the Lithium Safe.

Fire test with 7,250 Wh

In November 2019, we put a prototype of our Lithium Safe to the test under real conditions under the supervision and in cooperation with the Brandschutzforum Austria and Dr. Otto Widetschek, ABI Ernst Ulz and other renowned experts. In the process, various lithium batteries with a total capacity of 7,250 Wh were simultaneously set on fire inside the Lithium Safe on the premises of the Styrian Fire Brigade and Civil School. In particular, the fire behaviour of the lithium batteries was tested under the influence of temperature and flame during storage in the Lithium Safe.

The controlled fire test showed that the batteries started to burst after reaching about 250°C, releasing large amounts of decomposition gases. From a temperature of about 600°C, a cell fire occurred, which spread to all other stored battery cells like a chain reaction.

The Lithium Safe, which was specially designed for the storage of lithium batteries, has a pipe feed with nozzles through which cooling water can be supplied. After flooding the burning lithium cells, the fire was quickly brought under control.

Through the fire test, we were able to gain knowledge for the further development of the Lithium Safe, which has been incorporated into the further development of the Lithium Safe.

Research focus

Lithium batteries have a particularly high energy density. The higher the energy density of batteries and rechargeable batteries, the greater the risk of fire. If lithium batteries catch fire, they are particularly difficult to extinguish. Our goal was to develop a storage option for lithium batteries that offers the best possible protection in case of fire and the possibility to extinguish an existing lithium fire in the battery cabinet.

Our solution

Our Lithium Safe has already been successfully tested in the field with over 7,250 Wh batteries. This allowed us to simulate the extreme case and thus impressively prove that our Lithium Safe is the optimal solution for the aforementioned areas of application.

Areas of application

  • Storage and warehousing of lithium cells and batteries in the industrial sector
  • Storage of battery packs for sports applications in clubs, shops, institutions...
  • Creation of safe areas / own fire compartments

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