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Multi-channel charging station for 1S - 5S Li-Ion / Li-Po batteries

Expandable 10-channel charging station for 1S - 5S lithium (Li-Ion / Li-Po) battery packs

Multi-channel charging station for up to 10 Li-Ion or Li-Po batteries

The project consisted of the development and production of a multi-channel charging station integrated in a robust housing so that the station remains particularly mobile, according to customer-specific specifications, in order to ensure ideal storage management for our customers. 

Note: Lithium batteries need to be recharged regularly to avoid deep discharge.

The special challenge was to develop a multi-channel charger that would meet the customer's high demands (up to 2A charging current and up to 10 batteries simultaneously per station) as well as to provide the necessary safety features (short-circuit protection, overcurrent and overvoltage protection, etc.).

The multi-channel charging station can also be used as a 19 inch rack to extend the charging station by 20, 30, 40 or more channels.

Thanks to our sophisticated adapter system, we are able to optionally provide each battery pack with a suitable plug in order to charge it with our charging station. This means that you are flexible with the station and can charge different batteries at the same time, as we have not installed any fixed plug adapters to the battery on the outside.

Research focus

Our goal was to develop a mobile charging station that optimally meets the needs for storage management for sensitive storage goods (lithium-ion batteries / lithium-polymer batteries). A correctly thought-out storage management is, among other things, decisive for the lifetime of lithium batteries, so it was important to us to also bring these requirements closer to the customers. 

During development, we paid special attention to the universal application range. It was also important to us that the charging station is mobile and can be expanded at any time (more channels), and that it has an ideal form factor (19 inch rack). 

Due to the sophisticated system with adjustable values (charging current, battery type - 1S, 2S, 3S, 4S, 5S) we cover a wide range for our customers. 

The built-in safety features mentioned above (identification test with safety timer, short-circuit protection, overcurrent and overvoltage protection, etc.) provide you with an optimal charging station for your storage system.

Our solution

The AccuPower 10-channel charging station is an intelligent 10-channel charging station for rechargeable lithium-ion batteries (Li-Ion) as well as lithium-polymer batteries (Li-Po) with optional charging current (1A, 1.5A or 2A per channel).

The charging sockets on the charging station enable a universal solution that can be used with various charging cable adapters. The charging cable adapter is optionally available depending on the customer's requirements. In addition, the timer starts automatically as soon as the battery is connected to the charger. The charging station has a safety pre-charge phase with a safety timer before the main charge. If the battery voltage has not reached the minimum permissible voltage during this time, the charging process is stopped. In addition, the charging station has overcurrent and overvoltage protection as well as short-circuit protection.

Areas of application

  • Medical equipment
  • Industrial equipment
  • mobile measuring equipment
  • portable equipment
  • production workshop
  • warehouse management

Your contact person

Mr David Gradwohl
Project Coordination

T +43 (0) 316 26 29 11-37

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