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Test station for battery preparation

2-channel battery test machine with predefined discharge and charge stages, e.g. for 30% SoC.
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2-channel test station for battery conditioning

The project consisted of the development and production of a battery test station which, among other things, is also suitable for preparing batteries for shipment by air.

Predefined discharge and charge levels such as 30% SoC (SoC = State of Charge), which is currently required by law for the transport of air freight, was a major research focus of this project.

Other charging levels, such as 70% SoC, are ideal for the companies' warehouse management in order to be able to store the batteries optimally over a longer period of time or to be able to charge them after receipt by air freight, as the state of charge is only 30% here.

Research focus

Our goal was to develop a mobile battery test station that is suitable for all common battery systems and that can handle the most important charging and discharging modes such as:

  • 30% SoC for air freight
  • 70% SoC for storage
  • 100% for immediate use and capacity checks

An important feature of the battery test station that the measured data can be stored and exported to Excel, text file at any time.

Our solution

The 2-channel battery testing machine has predefined and programmable charge and discharge characteristics for monitoring the quality, performance and capacity of batteries. It is suitable for all common battery systems and enables both the immediate use of batteries and their capacity testing.

Detailed records of voltage, current and capacity can be made with the test station. The results can be saved and exported to Excel, text file and as a graph.

Areas of application

  • Warehouse management
  • Measurement applications
  • Preparation for the transport of batteries, e.g. by air freight

Your contact person

Mr David Gradwohl
Project Coordination

T +43 (0) 316 26 29 11-0

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