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With over 20 years of know-how we are the expert for mobile energy solutions in Austria!
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Services & Competencies

When assembling our battery packs, we go through an extensive quality assurance process to achieve a higher safety standard.
Development of special solutions

Research & Development

Our main area of activity is first and foremost research and then the development of new marketable products.
Research & Development

Knowledge transfer

Since knowledge only comes from processed information, we have collected all kinds of information on the subject of batteries on our knowledge transfer page.
Knowledge transfer

Battery pack assembly

Specially adapted battery packs are of great advantage, especially in industry. When assembling our battery packs, we go through an extensive quality assurance process to achieve a higher safety standard.


Selection of the chemical material and selection of the cells

To guarantee a product that meets modern standards, the choice of the chemical system and the subsequent selection of the respective cells is crucial.

We offer a wide range of systems (e.g. Li-Ion, LiFePO4, LiPo, NiMH, etc.).

The cells of the system are then fully automatically selected according to internal resistance and voltage level, grouped according to their respective level and processed into a battery pack.
In this way we ensure a homogeneous unit to ensure the stability and service life of the batteries.

Dimensioning of the battery pack and arrangement of the cells

The cells are then dimensioned in special containers, the so-called cell racks, and prepared accordingly for welding.


In the next step, the suitable welded connectors are selected and cut to a suitable format.

The welding is then carried out either automatically or manually.

Our semi-automatic spot welding machine (shown) welds battery packs from both sides simultaneously in highest quality. This means that even series production can be processed quickly.

We also offer all our welding machines for sale, please contact us.

Protection electronics

Our rechargeable batteries are equipped with a specially developed and installed protection electronics, which protects them against

  • Overload,
  • Deep-discharge,
  • Short circuit
  • extreme temperature conditions protects
  • and individual cells.

After careful selection of the appropriate protective electronics, these are attached to the battery pack.


Now both the cross-section of the cable for the current of the battery and the respective material of which the cable is to be made (e.g. PVC, rubber, silicone etc.) are determined.

Then the battery pack is sheathed with a so-called GFK insulation.

This material is reinforced by glass fibre and serves as mechanical protection to insulate the battery.

Fabrication and shrinking

The connectors of the battery pack are assembled according to the requirements.

Afterwards the shrinking of the battery pack can be started.

Adaptation of firmware and quality assurance

The firmware of the battery pack can now be individually adapted to the customer's wishes.

At the end of the process, numerous load tests are carried out and a quality assurance acceptance test is carried out to ensure that the battery pack functions properly.

Example: Internal structure of a battery pack

  1. Cellracks
  2. Shape of the welded connectors
  3. Additional insulation on the positive pole
  4. Protection electronics
    4.1. Temperature switch
    4.2. Temperature sensor
  5. Hard insulating plate between batteries and protection electronics


Tool battery packs

Batteries that were thought to be dead can be revived by changing cells.

In this way we contribute to a longer use of the batteries and thus also to the protection of the environment.

We offer cell exchange for all tools (e.g. cordless screwdrivers, lawnmowers, golf trolleys etc.) and have replacement parts for a large number of models in stock.

Emergency lights

We carry the most common Ni-Cd, Ni-MH and Li-Ion emergency lighting batteries.

If you need a custom-made product, we can manufacture the required battery packs from a wide variety of cell types.
For this purpose we have the most common cells such as 18650, AA/Mignon, Sub-C, Baby/C or Mono/D in stock. But also special sizes like 1/3AA, 1/2 Sub-C, 4/3A and many more are possible.


For E-Bikes we offer a special E-Bike battery careservice.

The battery of your electric bike does not last much longer? Is it deeply discharged or completely defective? We can determine the capacity of your e-bike battery for you using a test machine.

We will be happy to advise you and provide you with a cost estimate for a cell exchange. We install brand name cells in the existing housing of your e-bike battery. In most cases, stronger cells with a higher capacity can be used, thus increasing the range per battery charge.

Please contact us for more information.

Individual energy solutions

AccuPower AccuMotion Extender

Mobile energy supply: Designed with the highest quality and most modern safety standards. The case contains 4 battery packs that supply a total of almost 4,000Wh of energy.


Modern power generators with Li-Ion/Li-Fe batteries. So you have your 230V socket wherever you need a power outlet.

Cable assembly/distribution box

Possibility to connect several battery packs to increase voltage, current and capacity. Of course in highest quality.

Your contact persons

Ing. Issam Al-Abassy

+43 316 262911-0

Jürgen Matzer
Project management

+43 316 262911-34

David Gradwohl
Sales industrial & key accounts

+43 316 262911-37

Patrick Otipka
Technical Administrator

+43 316 262911-0


Ongoing projects

AccuMotion extender battery system for PEMS applications

Outdoor, Automotive Industry

Battery system for PEMS applications that is suitable for indoor and outdoor use thanks to a robust case.

Battery pack in aluminium housing for safety & support application


Battery system for security & support applications, AP10S9P battery pack in robust aluminium housing.

LiFePO4 technology - Safe and high-quality battery systems

Industry, Outdoor, Sport/Recreation

High-quality LiFePO4 battery systems for universal applications including the corresponding charging technology.

AccuGenerator Your mobile energy supply

Industry, Outdoor, Sport/Recreation

Mobile power supply with 30Ah and various connections, including 4 USB ports, which has ideal transport options thanks to its carrying and telescopic handle.

Our certifications

ISO 9001:2015

Since 2018 we have been certified by Quality Austria with ISO 9001:2015. This underlines our quality assurance measures.

ISO 14001

We have been certified by Quality Austria ISO 14001 since 2019. This has enabled us to meet the requirements of a consciously sustainable production and to successfully master these requirements.