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LCD-Fast-Charger for Li-ion and Lithium-Polymer (Lipo) digicam, camcorder, Panther6multimedia-player, MP3 player and scanner batteries with 3,6 - 7,4 Volt

New: always be informend about the currrent charge status of your batteries

Overview / Features of AccuPower Panther6:

  • LED-status indication with rapid test of capacity
  • small, compact design case
  • permanent charge control
  • recognition of defect batteries
  • automatic regulation on battery voltage
  • automatic battery overcharge identification and reverse polarity detection
  • stationary and mobil use with wall outlet (100-240 Volt) and 12 Volt DC automobile electrical supply system included

Technical details:
  • more than 100 charge adapters are available (Panther6 is suitable for almost 100% of digicam and camcorder batteries)
  • for digicam, camcorder, multimedia-player, MP3 player and scanner batteries
  • charge time on average (depends on capacity and condition of batteries): 30-180 min
  • charge times:
    650mAh (2,4Wh): 60 to 90 min
    1200mAh (4,2Wh): 90 to 120 min
    1800mAh (6,4Wh): 120 to 180 min
  • charge with constant voltage:
    max 4,15 Volt +/-50mV on single-cell AccuPacks or
    max 8,3 Volt +/-50mV on double-cell AccuPacks.
  • Dimensions (LxBxH): 93,35x81,05x43,95mm
  • Weight ca. 249gramm
  • detailed instruction manual
  • 2 years guaranty

Manual AccuPower Panther6 Manual
Flyer AccuPower Panther6 Flyer


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