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Innovation instead of raw material exploitation

AccuPower Forschungs-, Entwicklungs- und Vertriebsgesellschaft m.b.H. develops and distributes solutions in the field of charging technology. As a consultant for industrial partners, AccuPower gained a lot of experience, and professional charging technology for household and hobby was implemented with the AccuManager chargers.

The heart of the AccuManager chargers is the self-developed ACX charging technology (Accu Care Extension): The battery is not charged with a constant current, constant voltage or constant time as with conventional chargers, but is permanently adapted to the needs of the cell. The charging chip checks the cell several times per second, evaluates a large number of measured values such as internal resistance, current voltage, previous charging process etc. and thus determines the new charging current. Various chemical systems such as NiCd, NiMH or RAMâ„¢ (AccuCell) are automatically detected and each individual cell is controlled separately and optimized. Overcharging or overheating, which is extremely damaging for the battery life, is completely avoided.

Managing Director Ing. Al-Abassy: "At the beginning we were surprised ourselves how much more performance can be obtained from batteries by gentle charging. Even deeply discharged cells can be reactivated, and NiCd batteries suffering from the "memory effect" are regenerated and have full capacity again after 3-4 cycles".

Compared to batteries, the use of rechargeable batteries can reduce the battery mountain by approx. 90% and at the same time reduce battery costs by up to 80%. By using the ACX charging technology, the service life of rechargeable batteries is doubled again - saving money can also protect the environment.

AccuPower's charging technology aims to reach the shortest possible charging time.  This is achieved under consideration of a long life and charging stability of the batteries.
A key competitive advantage is the optimal saturation of the batteries during the recharging process. Meaning higher and more stable capacity over the cycles.

The Micro-Controller: Developed in our R&D subsidiary adjusts the charging process, charging duration and intensity to the quality, state of health and capacity of every single battery. A continuous data exchange between the batteries and the chargers takes place so that optimal charging is achieved.  Conventional charging methods do not consider the ever-changing battery state of health leading to unsatisfactory results.

Single Channel Technology: Each channel is monitored and controlled separately. Combination of sizes and battery chemistries allowed. No need to discharge the batteries before recharging.
Batteries can also be charged individually. Interruptions and additions can be made at any time during the charging procedure.

The Charging Strategy: The charging current is adjusted permanently according to the quality, inner resistance and fast charging capability of each individual battery.  This means that different batteries require different changing curve (Electrode-Specific-Charging).  Also, the float charging current is adjusted to the quality and state of health of the batteries to avoid a premature aging.

The memory-effect: If NiCd batteries are not fully discharged before being recharged, this point becomes their full operating capacity. The battery "remembers" how far it was discharged and can no longer be used beyond this point. To a lesser degree, the same memory-effect occurs with NiMH batteries. This is caused by a change in the crystals on the electrodes in the battery.  Because of its intelligent charging technique, the AccuPower chargers (AP 2010 & AP 2010) can also avoid the memory-effect in new NiCd batteries and override it in older ones. After 3-4 charging cycles, up to 90% of the initial capacity of older NiCd batteries can be recovered.  

The battery capacity: The chargers adjust automatically the charging current and charging time to reach max. capacity. If batteries become available in the market with higher capacity, the charger will adjust automatically the charging time.

Automatic float charge: The cells are given a float charge after the charging process is completed. Batteries that have been stored for a long time can also be recharged.

Overcharge Protection: The rechargeable batteries can also be left in the charger for a longer period of time, as overcharging of the batteries is not possible. This is due to the overcharge protection.

Flexibility: An adapter for a 120V/60Hz wall outlet and for a 12-Volt automobile electrical supply system is included with the chargers. The charger can also be used on solar energy in connection with a suitable solar panel.

Identification of defect batteries: The unit contains electronic reverse battery protection and rejects batteries with reverse polarity. In case a battery is defective, the corresponding LED will remain off.

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